1967 BMC 9/16 Mini 950D Classic Tractor.
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1967 BMC 'Mini' Tractor Model 9/16. 950D diesel engine. This is the dieselized Morris 1000 engine. High, Medium & Low range available through the 3 speed gearbox plus reverse. Grass tyres, lights, original paint work & original supplying dealer plate. Good battery, started no problem for the first time in 4 months. I have owned this lovely original tractor for 23 years, apart from a water pump never failed. Now replaced with a ride on to mow underneath the trees that have since grown in my orchard. Only ever used for grass cutting in my orchard/garden, (one school owner before me). Still good for same sort of work, though now very collectible. Tempted to park it in my lounge but some opposition from she who is to be obeyed. £Sold
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